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Many well-known tattoo artists (Horimasa Kishi, Horimitsu and more) participated in working on the design for our official charity T-Shirt. While joining forces each artist incorporated their own concept into this incredibly rare and valuable article.

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Online petition

As SAVING TATTOOING, we are doing online petition now. According to MR.TAIKI’s trail, we will collect 100,000 singnatures as reference material. If we will be able to get it, the government would realize that this problem has influence for this country more than they expected Therefore our target is signarues of 100,000 people or more

How to do online petition

Pls kindly click below, Then according to instruction, pls sing up. CLICK HERE: apply to online petition

CLICK HERE: online petition

Event of Instagram

Which one need for TATTOO artist license or amend law? How to do Doctor or Artist as follow

Event of Instagram

NO,1From below download file, Pls download poster and print it out.
NO,2Pls take a photo printed matter by mobile.
NO,3Pls transfer the photo to INSTAGRAM with hash tag of “ #saveTATTOOinginjapan”


※Comming Soon

SAs “SAVE TATTOOING”, we constantly plan to hold an event for amending law . In order to hold the event, we make an appeal for contributions. We report details of event by our website as well. Pls feel free to join the event even from overseas. If so, we really appreciate from bottom of our heart.


Pls click below. Then according to instructions, pls procee



〝We request your cooperation & support “ SAVE TATTOOING “ is a project to cooperate with all of TATTOO fans for supporting TATTOO culture, hoping that TATTOO is going to develope as one of Japanese culture 。