Company Profile

Name of Organization

General Incorporated Association SAVE TATTOOING


We are managed by joint directors.


Mail Address


Zip 533-0013
Rm 301, 5-5-9, Toyosato, Higashi Yodogawa Ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

Our Activity

1.Research about public health of Tattooing
2.Presentation of our opinion on Tattoo
3.Campaign of awareness of knowledge on public health regarding Tattooing via website
4.Planning events about Tattoo
5.Setting up the allowance / notification system on Tattooing
6. Fundraising / collect signatures for researching about public health of Tattooing and public awareness
7.Managment and sale on internet shopping
8.Planning and sales on publishing, music, apparel and other products
9.Planning of other design
10.Related activity on above items

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〝We request your cooperation & support “ SAVE TATTOOING “ is a project to cooperate with all of TATTOO fans for supporting TATTOO culture, hoping that TATTOO is going to develope as one of Japanese culture 。