Sale of Charity T-Shirt for Supporting SAVE TATTOOING


Two important announcements for today – the 1st of May:

1. Our Japanese brothers and sisters are going to have a big charity event under the name EXPRESSION.
Different musicians and artists will come together to celebrate and cherish the freedom of expression.
As most of you probably won’t be able to attend, we will broadcast the event, starting 5:20 PM (Japanese time).
Speakers like Mr. Akihiro Hatsushika (member of the national diet) and Prof. Kanako Takayama from Kyôto University will join an open discussion to further go into the issue of tattooing in Japan.
You will be able to follow our event by clicking on this link:

2. Organizing the live venue, PR, equipment for this event and most of our future projects will not be covered by our current budget, which is why we came up with some ways how to fund our activities.
For starters we had some of Japan’s most well-known tattoo artists team up to design our official charity shirt; check out the link below for further information on how to purchase it!
If you don’t have any spare cash but would like to help out, just share this post/link with all of your friends.
We appreciate all of your support!

Click to charity


〝We request your cooperation & support “ SAVE TATTOOING “ is a project to cooperate with all of TATTOO fans for supporting TATTOO culture, hoping that TATTOO is going to develope as one of Japanese culture 。