Special symposium for tattoo artists in Japan – the “Ink Symposium


On the 7th of April our Japanese team colleagues held a special symposium for tattoo artists in Japan – the “Ink Symposium”.

Not only did we have the honor to welcome different tattoo artists as speakers, but the main part of this event was also moderated by a team of lawyers, who helped answering all sorts of legal questions, that have been raised beforehand.
Undoubtedly, one of our most prominent guest speaker was Mr. Akihiro Hatsushika – the member of the National diet who previously helped us to voice our cause in a meeting of the Diet’s ordinary session.
Among the participating tattooists were famous artists like Masahiro Kishi(Kishi Horimasa) from 56 Tattoo Studio and Artist Horiren First (初代彫蓮).




The event was essentially divided in two main parts.
1. “How to understand the current situation”:
What was the background for assembling a team of lawyers? How did something as trivial as a discussion about permanent cosmetic treatments turn into a matter so big? How to unravel the ever-twisted perceptions and viewpoints about tattooing in Japan? What is the main task for our team of lawyers and how are we trying to make progress towards a new legislation?

2. “How to understand the future” (“Q&A/legal counsel”)
In the second part of the event our lawyers discussed different urgent legal questions and tried to remove any ambiguities concerning how to proceed working as a tattoo artist. (Handling sudden crackdowns, how to confront customers affiliated with organized crime etc.)

Needless to say, our event was a huge success – thanks to everyone who participated!



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