Petition Campaign Update: Introduced by Bilingual News Site and Collective Signatures over 23000.


Dear All,

As per captioned matter, our campaign is posted on TimeOut which introduced updated Japanese 

News, Cultures, Travels and so on. As mentioned on the article, our petition is sure to keep sustainable Japanese Tattoo culture. Please take a look from below Link. 

English Ver:


Japanese Ver:


And Also as of  20th of May, collective signatures on our petition is over 23000 and this is provided to Diet members who support our campaign.  This is regarded as BIG first step to proceed legal framework. Thank you for your kind support.

Article link (please try to translate to your language using google translation):


(From Mgmt Office, SAVE TATTOOING, Japan)



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〝We request your cooperation & support “ SAVE TATTOOING “ is a project to cooperate with all of TATTOO fans for supporting TATTOO culture, hoping that TATTOO is going to develope as one of Japanese culture 。